At PostSmart, we only use highly trusted and customer centric leaflet delivery personnel. Our delivery teams are treated well and some of highest paid leaflet delivery personnel in the industry.

Together, with the latest GPS tracking and GIS technology these key ingredients help drive our exceptional delivery performance. That is one of the key reasons why our customers keep coming back to us.

We have invested in GIS Technology

We have designed our leaflet delivery maps using GIS technology (Global Information Systems) for three very important reasons.

  • To allow each customer to target prospects on a granular geographic level.
  • To determine the total number of residential/business within each delivery map so customers can manage their budgets more effectively.
  • To protect brand reputation from duplicate leaflet deliveries.

All leaflet distribution personnel are equipped with GPS Trackers

This allows us to monitor and manage our leaflet distribution quality at every stage of the leaflet distribution. This offers our customers complete transparency and assurance that their leaflets have been successfully delivered.

What does a GPS tracker do?

Our Leaflet Distribution GPS trackers record the position of our delivery personnel every five seconds within their designated delivery map. And this means that we can know exactly where there are and where they have been (at all times). As shown below:

GPS tracker

100% Fully audited

We download all of your campaigns GPS data from each GPS tracker. We then make a series of stringent checks to ensure each household, within your targeted delivery map has been successfully delivered to.

Our quality control checks include:

  • The start and finish time/date of each Leaflet Distribution GPS tracker (daily)
  • 100% of GPS data is cross referenced against each of the agreed delivery maps to help ensure that 100% of the properties have been successfully delivered to.
  • Analysing the distance walked between each of the GPS points is compliant of delivery protocol.

Furthermore, we regularly perform random “field delivery audits” in each campaign and ensure compliance to a set of quality measures are successfully acheived.

Upon completion of each leaflet distribution campaign a detailed report of our customer leaflet distribution campaign is available FREE of charge.  

Complete Peace of Mind

At PostSmart we are incredibly proud of our highly motivated and customer centric delivery teams, who always go the extra mile. They are supported by the latest GPS and GIS technology as well as thorough quality control protocols. So all so our customers can enjoy complete quality assurance and peace of mind.

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