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PostSmart specialises in providing low-cost Print and Production, Mailing and Postal solutions for organisations across Ireland, Northern Ireland and Great Britain. We create, manage and deliver tailor-made solutions to save you valuable time and money.

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PostSmart is a partner you can trust.  We tailor-make cost-effective print, mailing and postal solutions bespoke to your business.  We have extensive industry knowledge and experience in successfully delivering direct mail and transactional mailing campaigns of all shapes and sizes.  Let us take away the hassle and manage your print, fulfilment and mailing needs so you can focus on what you do best. 

Dynamic & Flexible

At PostSmart, we understand one size doesn’t fit all. This is why we analyse your key requirements that are unique to your business and tailor-make solutions that work best for your business and budget.

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At PostSmart, we use the latest IT security systems, Encrypted upload procedures, Secure File Transfer Protocol and Secure Servers to ensure your highly confidential business data and information remains protected at all times.



Cost Saving

Our exceptional purchasing potential, strong supplier partnerships and extensive industry expertise allow us to leverage and negotiate the lowest rates in the market, so we can pass on significant cost savings to your business.


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Do you produce Direct Mail, Invoices or Statement letters in-house?

Do you know exactly how much it costs to post a Letter?

First of all, have you only taken into consideration things like paper, ink and postal costs?  If so, unfortunately, you’re missing some major cost contributors which affect the true cost of your letters.  So let’s quickly take a look at them.

What else should we consider?

Due to the fact you’re using ink and paper, you’ll be using at least one printer – possibly two or maybe three.  Similarly, as you’re posting a letter then you’ll need to apply a postal mark using either a franking machine or perhaps stamps.  Furthermore, its important take into consideration the service and maintenance charges for this hardware.  More so the cost of consumables such as ink cartridges and the energy consumption charges.

Don’t forget about the time and cost of valuable resources.

Finally, if your business is producing the letters in-house you must factor in the cost of that valuable resource.  And when you’re doing that question whether this is the best use of this resource.  Perhaps it may be more productive elsewhere?

Only when you consider all of these costs will you have a true cost of your post, and certainly these costs will increase year on year.

In the UK

Typically, if your business is producing a single page letter (in colour), double-sided, packed into a C5 standard envelope then you’ll be paying anywhere up to £1.25 per pack in the UK.

In the Republic of Ireland

In contrast, in the Republic of Ireland, the average “true cost” of your Post could be around €1.72.  Most noteworthy, if you are a business in the Republic of Ireland sending your “Post” into Great Britain then you’ll be paying anything northwards of €2.10 per item.

Now multiply these figures by the number of letters your business produces each year. Shocking right?

Do you want some good news?

PostSmart can proudly save you up to 50% of these costs.  Simply create your documents as usual and let PostSmart do the rest.

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Clients Testimonials

“I worked with Nathan during very turbulent times and always found him to be a voice of reason when other people avoided difficult situations. He was always available and went the extra mile to resolve issues for both his clients and the mailing houses involved...”

Phil TeerFormer Managing Director at Sunline Direct Mail Limited

“PostSmart is Bluecrest Health’s trusted and reliable Print and Post partner in the Republic of Ireland. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Nathan and PostSmart services to anyone...”

Craig WilmottMarketing Director at Bluecrest Health

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