Returned Mail

Returned mail is a huge waste of money for your business

To some, return mail processing is an afterthought.  However, it is so important to the effectiveness of your campaign and helps protect your brand reputation.


A few reasons. The first, and most obvious is that you are wasting production and postal costs sending direct mail to someone that has recently moved.  Moreover, if you mail to a family member who is recently deceased it can have a big impact on the family.  Especially, if you continue to do it. People will use social media to voice these grievances rather than contacting you direct.

So, we are here to help.  We can record when and why (if stated) the direct mail item could not be delivered and we will feed this information back to you in an electronic file (securely). Each record would contain a name, address and the postcode of each returned item.  

We will also take away the hassle by securely destroying the physical item or returning them to your business.

Therefore, on the next campaign those records are removed and your response rates and return on investment increases.

Benefits of the returned mail service:

  • Cost savings of up to 25%
  • Significant Postal Cost Savings