Transactional Mail

Transactional Mailing Services

Our low cost mailing solutions are perfect for businesses who produce invoices and statement runs, newsletter campaigns and ‘thank you’ letters in-house.

Say goodbye to wasted budget

Say goodbye to the cost and hassle of buying/leasing printers and franking machines, say goodbye to wasted budget on surplus stationary and expensive maintenance charges or costly consumables like ink.

In essence, your business doesn’t need to waste valuable time and money paying staff to print, fold and stuff envelopes all day before standing next to a franking machine just to apply a post mark to a letter.



We are fully committed to ensuring your important communications are produced to the highest quality standards, safely and securely, and delivered in accordance to your deadlines.

You simply focus your valuable time and resources on more important matters and let us do the rest!

What is Transactional Mail?

Transactional mail is mail you send to a customer following a purchase.  Your letters will typically include confirmation of purchase, along with the total amount to be paid, a description of the item, your terms and conditions and when the order is expected to arrive.

Unlike marketing mail e.g. direct mail, your transactional mail won’t typically be sent with a commercial message. However, you can use a service called Trans-Promotional Mail.  This service may assist you in upselling services and products using digital personalisation.  For example selling a similar product or service suggestion.

Examples of the transactional mail services we offer:

‘Thank you’ letters for orders or donations. Newsletters. A receipt of an order. Confirmation of changes to your password or changes to account information. Invoices and Statements.  A reminder letter or collection letter.  Debt letters. Renewals.  Welcome registrations, Changes to T’s and C’s.

What is Trans-Promotional Mail?

This is a technique you can use that combines your marketing message along with, for example, an invoice or statement. Typically, your customers are more likely to read a marketing message within a transactional mail piece, as it tends to command more attention.  So, by inserting a promotional message into your invoice pack you’re more likely to enjoy a higher response rate and as a result, a greater return of investment for your business.

And if used in the right way, this effective mail stream will help build and strengthen your customer loyalty, as your customers are more likely to come back again.