Leaflet Distribution

Are you looking for a low cost high impactful adverting channel to help grow your business?

Leaflet distribution could definitely help because leaflets are extremely hard to ignore. In a recent report by JICMAIL (Joint Committee for Mail) it concluded that 92% of people read the media delivered to their homes.

The Data and Marketing Association (formerly Direct Marketing Association) also published a survey that demonstrated exactly how effective leaflet distribution can be (as shown below).

What is leaflet distribution and how does it work?

Leaflet distribution or Door to door mailing helps you target households based on postcode sector level. This means no personal data is needed which makes it fully GDPR compliant customer acquisition channel. However, it is possible to use an enhanced targeting method without customer data using intelligent customer analysis and consumer segmentation.

At PostSmart, we have access to these effective targeting tools to assist in finding your target customer. We would use demographic profiling data within a number of areas (subject to location). We can analyse, social factors, population and consumer behaviour, to help find your target customer at a postcode sector and street level.

How can PostSmart help you?

We understand what it takes to create, manage and deliver successful leaflet distribution and direct mail campaigns. In fact, we wrote a blog to help you decide which print finish and paper weight to use for your next leaflet distribution campaign.

We very experienced and know first hand how extremely time consuming and challenging it can be dealing with multiple suppliers. Often it creates an additional workload and headache you could do without. Not to mention the associated costs (and hassle), which are often overlooked when planning and budgeting your door to door campaign. That’s why at PostSmart we will do it all for you.

Our experts offer you a ‘One stop shop’ solution which includes design and copy, print, production AND distribute using our Door To Door Leaflet Distribution networks for you.

We offer fully GPS tracked distribution services

We only use the best.  Our high quality leaflet/flyer distribution partners across the UK and Republic of Ireland provide fully tracked distribution services, using the latest GPS technology offering you quality assurance and complete peace on mind.

At PostSmart we monitor the market place on an ongoing basis for the latest innovation and to ensure we stay ahead of the competition on price and service.  We will provide you with the best possible service at the most competitive price.

So, what are you waiting for?

Contact PostSmart’s leaflet printing and distribution team today and let us help you increase your clicks, calls, website visit’s and footfall and take your business to the next level.