Postal Services

If we could save up to 40% off your Post charges would you be interested?

Did you know it would cost a UK company £1.60 to post a letter into the Republic of Ireland, using the Royal Mail standard international service?

Did you know it costs a Republic of Ireland company €1 to post a letter into Northern Ireland (zone 1) and €1.70 to post a letter into Great Britain, using the An Post standard services?

If we could save your business up to 50% off these prices would that be of interest?

That is exactly what we can do.

At PostSmart, we proudly tailor-make postal solutions for your business whether your sending mail into the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland or the UK.

So, next time you are posting your direct mail campaign, invoices and statements (transactional mail) into these countries then contact our Postal Services Experts and find out how much you could save.

We have over 10 years’ experience in delivering successful Postal Solutions

We proudly help UK companies reduce their postal costs into Ireland and we also help Irish companies reduce their postal costs into the UK.

so, whether its a few hundred newsletters or a couple of hundred thousands direct mail packs, we have a postal service that meets your requirements.  We can also print your letters for you and help save you more money on print & mailing and transport charges.

Our experts successfully deliver postal projects for our clients across the following industries; charity and Not-For-Profit, Telecoms, Automotive, Healthcare, Insurance, Retailers, Financial Services and many more.   


PostSmart only use trusted and reliable Partners

Cost is key. But so is service.

That is why we only use tried and tested, trusted and reliable Postal Partners to help meet your delivery expectations.

Since the liberalisation of postal services, we have developed outstanding relationships with alternatives postal providers both Nationally and Internationally, to deliver choice, value and significant cost savings for your business.

We are postal experts and we are passionate about Post.  We will build, manage and deliver the most cost effective postal solution for your business that will meet your requirements at the lowest cost.

Contact us today to find out how much you can save!